We help you build an audience, authentically.

Work with our team to help you capture your stories, insights, and vision to build your personal brand online.

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How it works


How it works


You want to grow your personal brand, but aren't sure how.

Endless Content Management

You've tried content managers before, but you need more than just more management.

Lack of Strategy

You want to expand your network and influence, but feel stuck on strategy.

Zero Audience

You post on social, but it feels like shouting into the void.


You're tired of posting sporadically. You want a long-term solution for growing, monetizing, and scaling your personal brand.

Over Promised Results

You end up with an agency that overpromises and under-delivers, leaving you with content that doesn't sound like you.

You ≠ AI

Or, you try the DIY route with AI tools like ChatGPT (and everyone can tell).

Content only goes so far. What you need is strategy.


We get it — it’s tempting to think, "I'll just use AI to write for me!" But even with AI, a solid strategy is key.

Sure, you might get lucky with AI generated content, but you’re still doing all the heavy lifting and let’s be honest, people can quickly tell what’s real and what’s generated.

You need content that builds authenticity and authority.

A lot goes into maintaining a successful personal brand and becoming a leader in your space — creating content is just one small part of the puzzle.

What you need is a strategic team, who gets you.

Build your brand

Building a real, personal brand takes a plan

Profile Optimization

We know what works from profile picture → bio → CTAs. Our team will help you optimize your profile for the traffic we will create.

Building Connections

Connections don't happen by accident. We work with you to launch a system that will engage with your target audience.

Creating High Value Content

The best part of the job. We take your stories, insight, and vision and turn it into high value content — maximizing for voice, tone, and direction.

Strategically share content across platforms

Content is only as good as the people who see it — don't worry we got your back. We take your content and share it across platforms for you.

Schedule a

Our process is simple...

Our proven system posts content daily, automates your social media, and shows you how to leverage it for your business.



Every client starts with meeting with our team to set up communication, tell us their story, and share their vision.

After this meeting we will have everything we need to start building your brand.



Now the fun part — we take everything we gathered from your interview and onboarding to create content for your socials.

During this time we will make sure you are optimized and ready to launch when content is approved.



We’ll continue to create content for you and collaborate with you to stay up-to-date on new stories.

And we’ll work with you to set up automations, build systems, and leverage all the work we are doing together.


Let us take the guesswork out of building your brand

Work directly with our team of a content strategists, writers, designers, and success managers.

Content Strategists

Taking the guesswork out of building a brand. Our strategists learn your story, vision, and goals then executes for you — while you make more awesome stories.


You get a personal writer equipped with your stories, insights, and vision to craft content — no more late night writing sessions (unless you're into that sort of thing).


Full-time designer that will help bring your content to life visually matching your style.

Success Managers

Every client gets a success manager to help with new ideas, feedback, and pivots along the way.

Results, from our client’s perspective

Here's how we helped an agency owner add 13,000 followers and boost their MRR.

Meet Client Y...

When they came to us they had 0 followers on and were not established on LinkedIn.

Since then we have:
• Built out a fully customized content plan
• Built automations to target ICP
• Built a roadmap for success

They have added $5100 in MRR since starting work with us and have a steady stream of inbound leads.

"Legacy Builder has been invaluable for building my personal brand and raising awareness about my agency services. The copy is on point. The distribution is on point. The accounts are growing and we're closing inbound prospects that come in believing in my expertise. Highly recommend."

Results, from our client’s perspective


What our customer’s say about us

“What impressed me the most was the depth of their interview process, where they took the time to truly understand me and my story.

I initially thought that when I received the first drafts, I would need to spend a significant amount of time refining them, but to my surprise, they were right on the mark.”


Email Marketing

“Social media's a big piece of the puzzle, not just for posting stuff but for getting people to actually look and interact.

Legacy Builder gets this and helps us nail our messaging. I'm really into what they're doing with us."


Financial Industry

“The Legacy Builder team will change your life. I'm a busy executive who understands the importance of building and growing a brand, but I never found a way to make time for it.

Stop wondering if they're right for you and book a call with them (now)."


PR Company

“Cliff and the entire team at Legacy Builder have been absolutely amazing. Their operation runs like a well-oiled machine and is unquestionably worth the investment.”


Marketing Company

A message from the leadership

We understand the pain of growing a personal brand in today's world.

Too many content agencies focus on "building for virality" instead of long term vision. That's because branding needs a new mindset...and that's why I started Legacy Builder.

We have worked with clients from multiple industries, but with one common goal in mind - build brands that will establish personal legacies and create ultimate leverage.

Now we get to deploy a full team for our clients to achieve maximum results (and have a blast doing it).

Clifton Sellers


A thriving brand is difficult to quantify, but impossible to miss.

You know it when you see it.

The not-so-secret part of social media is this: You, your company, or your brand, already have the ingredients needed to grow your impact and audience.

The magic of what we do is in the above statement – it’s about you.

Collaboratively, we bring out the very best of your experiences, skills, and expertise to create an ecosystem of content that amplifies and builds on your success.

Increasing your reach, expanding your network, and positioning yourself for the brand success you know you deserve.”

Brett Erik

COO + Partner

Build a personal brand where your audience knows, likes, and trusts you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Build your brand

We are committed to our clients and work to deliver amazing services that outperform expectations.

Plans to build your brand


  • 1 Post per day

  • Custom graphics / carousels

  • Content writing

  • Call-to-actions (to landing page, newsletter, etc.)

  • Automated Outreach Directly to ICP (10-15 messages daily)

  • Consulting & Offer formation

  • Daily distribution within our network of influencers

3 months: $3,500K/month, or $8K paid upfront


  • 1 Post per day

  • Custom graphics / carousels

  • Content writing

  • Call-to-actions (to landing page, newsletter, etc.)

  • Automated Outreach Directly to ICP (10-15 messages daily)

  • Consulting & Offer formation

  • Daily distribution within our network of influencers

3 months: $3,500K/month, or $8K paid upfront


  • 1 Post per day

  • Custom graphics / carousels

  • Content writing

  • Call-to-actions (to landing page, newsletter, etc.)

  • Automated Outreach Directly to ICP (10-15 messages daily)

  • Consulting & Offer formation

  • Daily distribution within our network of influencers

3 months: $3,500K/month, or $8K paid upfront

Social Growth

X (Twitter) + LinkedIn
  • Full content team for your personal brand

  • Complete profile audit and optimization

  • Never miss a day of posting

  • Personal Content System

  • Monthly Reporting

Get Started


Newsletter writing
  • Full content writing team

  • 1-hour audit call

  • Publish weekly

Get Started

We’re ready to start building your brand. Are you?

Common Questions

What’s the ROI?

The age-old question. The bottom-line is we are entering into a more sophisticated market than ever before. It’s not just about what you (or your business) can do anymore, it’s about connecting with your audience.

The ROI on building a true brand is having leverage to speak to your audience every day and give them access to more than just your business.

We’ve had clients find new talent for their team, close multi-million dollar deals, and even meet business partners – endless ROI.

Why shouldn’t I just hire an in-house team?

You could – but most in-house teams struggle with the nuance of growing on specific platforms.

We partner with in-house teams all the time to help them grow on X, LI, and Email.

Consider us the special forces unit you call in to get the job done without anyone knowing (for a fraction of what you would pay).

Can you really match my voice?

Short answer – yes.

Long answer – yes because of our process.

We start with an in-depth interview that gives us the opportunity to learn more about you, your stories, and your vision.

We take that and craft your content then we ship it to you. You are then able to give us the final sign-off (and any adjustments to nail it 100%) before we schedule for posting.

What if I eventually want to take it over?

No problem.

We have helped clients for years or for just a season.

All the content we create is yours and yours alone.

If you want to take it over or work on transitioning we will help ensure you are set up for success.

What if I want to post myself (on top of what Legacy Builder does)?

We want this to be a living breathing brand. We will give you best practices for posting and make sure you are set up to win – so post away.

Can I take my money back?

This is hard work and we strive to over-deliver for our clients. Due to the amount of work that goes into building brands, we do not offer refunds.